Souls. Floating Sculpture. Senasqua Park, Croton, New York 2020                        Photography by Alvaro Garcia Ordonez

PERFORMANCE                                                              SCULPTURE.                                                                         PHOTOGRAPHY                                                                  BIG PROJECTS

About GO ART


"I try to represent the soul of things".

Garcia Ordonez GO ART create a artwork in a proposes to ‘rebirth’ the body with the help of water; to strip it of pain by placing it in water, which can take it away and heal it of all evil. The proposal of Garcia Ordonez Alvaro, GO ART was born in the late Eighties and early Nineties, a period of escalation in violence in Colombia among guerrillas, paras, the mafia and government. 


The experiences lived in this era are what impacted my way of viewing life, society, politics and the world.


The body represents a displaced person who is swept along by the current of the waters to heal from absences and despair. In the “ENTREGA INMEDIATA”. “IMMEDIATE DELIVERY” performance held on the Neckar River in Heidelberg, Germany, I floated burlap sacks in the water; they remain there to this day.  


My projects are made with materials from my childhood: sacks to pack food, banana leaves, panela, resins and plastic packaging. Aluminum or iron is used for the formal structure of the crutch, a reminder of the impact of the anti-personnel mines planted in Colombian soil.


Travel to sites of past traumas brought to mind images of virgins and saints seeking help against the pain of war. I create assemblies, installations and sculptures around the theme of anti-personnel mines. The Divine Children form an army column with their hands up, recalling the girls and boys—child soldiers--brought to the front lines of the war.


I turned to contemporary photography, video, and digital tools to make variations on a theme. From the pandemic-enforced confinement in New York and its high death rate was born the work “VISIT TO ISLA HART” VAIH-20”, which I developed with the mixed media of paint, recycled objects and sculptures.

My mission is and has been to represent the deepest sense of things, from a point of view of having lived and experienced a time marked by social and political conflict in Colombia. 

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Meet the Artist

Alvaro Garcia Ordonez

Alvaro Garcia Ordonez's interest in art began in the great house of his grandfather Isidoro Ordoñez in the village of Cayabo.  


There he began to play with coals, read Edgar Allan Poe, and to listen to classical music such as Paganini and Igor Stravinisky among others.  His Aunt Anais Ordoñez, matron and promoter of education in the town he grew up, was the first to buy him his  first paintbrushes and oils in Bogotá, when the school year began.  HIs family taught him to study what we loved and follow his passions. Eventually, Alvaro was accepted into the National University of Colombia, in Bogotá, and the rest is history.


His current project, “In Water”, has led him across international borders, seas, lakes, and rivers. Alvaro currently, lives near the Hudson River in New York, which is one of his sources of inspiration.

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  alvarogoart_en_agua                                               Alvaro Garcia Ordonez

Souls. Hudson River. NY 2009

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Alvaro Garcia Ordonez

New York, primavera 2020

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